About Us

website designer in wyoming logoSunrise Web Design is operated by a team of professionals with a long standing history of successful business marketing and design on the Internet.  We thrive on helping small business owners succeed in Wyoming.

The owner/director of Sunrise Webdesign in Danna Rossi, an Internet Marketer and Entrepreneurial Consultant for small businesses.

She has an AAS degree is Computer Science and Entrepreneurial Studies and is an active and successful online business owner with over 10 years of website design and Internet Marketing experience. She is also proudly hold a Community Of The Code, Cowboy Ethics Certificate from the University of Wyoming.

UW Cowboy Code Of Ethics CertificateEvery team member here is a native to Wyoming and deeply understands that verbal commitments are important along with quality work, hands on education, and the ability to act and manage a business independently.  Our goal is to create a working relationship where every client is solely in control of their website activities with no hidden fees, costs, or long term commitment stuffed away in the background.  Once your design is done, it's yours and if you ever need our help, we are here for you.  We never force you into paying for website editing unless you really feel like you need the help.  And we don't mind helping you along the way.

Be it digitally or locally, we can help you make a genuine connection with your customers so you can thrive like any business should.  Your website will get seen on the Internet and future customers will be able to find your business, not just a pretty website alone.

We firmly believe that living what you do is more important than any college degree you could possibly hold. That being said, we actually practice what we sell to our clients.  Each of us have independent websites/business's that are profitable and successful.  We use our skills out in the world daily to be sure they actually WORK before we sell them to you.

If we were not already successful monetizing our personal interests/products online, then why should you trust us to help you monetize your business and become a success online?  You shouldn’t.

We believe in delivering dedication and quality of service to our clients.  We do our best to hire good quality help to ensure quality service and professional design and to maintain the every expanding client base without compromising quality service to the existing clients.

So how do we accept new clients?  Easy, send me an email here. All you need to do is tell me a little bit about your business, what you hope to achieve by reaching your  new customers, and what your most pressing concerns are that need resolved quickly.

Please give me your phone number so I can call you.

We will respond to each and every email regardless of whether we can help you.  You are not just a number and we do care that you chose to contact us.  We will give you the respect of a compassionate and professional response.

To your success and mine,


Danna and the team at Sunrise Web Design