Hey everyone!  Just a quick note to let you know that more video tutorials have been added to the members area.  If you are not a current client with a access to the members area, but would like to view the videos, please contact me for further information to register.

There are three new videos uploaded:

play button website design neon green redHow to add a NEW page to your website.  In this video tutorial I will go over how to add a new page to your website along with a couple new editing techniques.  You will get info about the spell checker and how to link your new page withing the body of your test. 



play button website design prplHow to add a new page to your website menu & rearrange existing tabs.  In this video I will go into depth on adding a new page to your too menu.  Your menu is the  main navigation bar at the top of your website.   Websites can have up to 3 navigational menu depending on the design.  I will go over how to edit and rearrange your existing menus as well as add a new page to your existing menu.


play button website design edits redHow to add a new post to your website/blog.  In this video I will go over the basics of a blog and rss feed.  Your blog may be called "In The News"  "Recent Articles" or something else, but underneath the fancy label, it's a blog/rssfeed.  I will show you how to keep you customers updated by using posts as well as manage and organize the posts themselves.  This is a "live" over-the-shoulder video where I show you exactly what I do with my blog when I add new posts.