We all know that SEO is important to the success of any online business. However, SEO is such a deep and complex topic that many people are confused about where to start.

The rules of SEO change from month to month depending on algorithm updates, mainly Google since they have the largest volume of searchers. Google strives hard to keep things honest, keep the spammers out and strives to provide real honest search results that will benefit those who are searching for answers.

SEO is big business and profitable business. Some people have taken this too far and tried to find ways to manipulate the search engines algorithm to achieve false rankings just for sport of profiting financially. And there are penalties when they get caught.

Launching and running a successful SEO campaign does take a lot of awareness, education and should be done by an ETHICAL professional who believes in white-hat techniques and genuine organic search results.

But just because you are not (and don’t plan to become) the next SEO expert, doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to help improve your search engine rankings and visibility.

Every little bit helps and it is the owners of the website who have the potential to create a large impact on the success of an SEO campaign by properly using their targeted keywords in the text body, images, tags, and more in a proper way.

In this video, I will explain how you can incorporate SEO into your everyday website activities and manage your website in an SEO way without adding a heavy burden to your workload.

These basic and simple techniques are not complicated and WILL make a difference in your search engine ranking, especially as the years go by.

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