SEO Web Design

search engine optimization What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is essential for getting to the top page of any search engine. SEO web design is a way of designing your website with good SEO so that your website will be visible when you customers search for you on the webs. 

If your business is not ranking on the top search results in Google, Bing, or Yahoo, then you aren't going to get seen. If nobody sees you, then that mean you don't have any Internet customers.

Websites should be created with good SEO in mind.  In addition, any business owner who manages their own site should be informed about how to use good SEO when writing blog posts and articles.

SEO web design consists of several elements, mainly the use of quality keywords.  Keywords are what your potential customers will search for on the major search engines like Google.  Keywords must be properly researched and your potential buyer must be studied and understood in order to locate the correct keywords to use in your website.

Another element of SEO web design is linking.  There are several types of links, all of which are important to your website.  Backlinks are links to your website from other places like Facebook, articles, and other websites that might recommend you for example.   Internal links are links within your website that link to other pages within your site that contain addition reading information.  Another type of link is external links which are outbound links the go from your website to other websites outside of your site.

Links of all different types are all used in various orders and velocities to create better search engine rankings.

There are many other elements to SEO web design (too many to list) like good use of tags and image alt texts as well as blogging category use to video use.


GEO Targeting

GEO targeting is a more local way of using IP address and coding to notify search engines of a business location. 

When you are a local business, it is important for search engines to know that you only offer your services to a generalized area like your city or state.  Not every visitor will know to add their location in the general search terms when they go looking for services or products. 

Search engines use SEO and GEO targeting to fine tune the given search results to a person searching the Internet.  For example, if a personal in living in Riverton Wy was searching for a hvac repairmen, they may get on Google and type in something like "heater repairman" or "hvac contractor".  Notice they didn't include the search term "Riverton".  Google will recognize the IP address location in Riverton Wy on the device (like a phone) of the person searching for the hvac repairmen.  Google will then display hvac repairmen or hvac contractors in the Riverton area FIRST before suggesting other nationwide chains. Google knows which websites are local to Riverton Wy and offer hvac repairmen services based on the SEO elements found on the site, External SEO elements like local IP address backlinking, and GEO targeting code written in the code behind the design of the site that informs Google of the website business location.

GEO targeting runs hand in hand with SEO and they are not usually separate from each other, it's mainly a type of sub-topic of SEO just like backlinks are to SEO.

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