Website Editing Education

WEdition_Edition-121e can help you learn how to edit and manage your site on your own.

This can be achieved a couple different ways.

New Customers Get FREE Editing Education.

When you design or re-design a website with us, you automatically get free editing education. Current customers automatically receive 1 hour of live education to learn how to use, edit, and manage the new website. They also receive free PRIVATE access to our video tutorial library to further their education on their own time frame and at their own pace.


If You Already Have a WordPress Self Hosting Website, Here Are Your Options:

  1. We have a member’s area full of video tutorials where I walk you through how to edit and manage your WordPress Self Hosted Website. Using the video tutorials allows you to learn at your own pace and on your own time frame. You are never trapped into re-occurring fees. It’s a onetime payment for the E-Course.   This is especially helpful for companies training new employees to manage the website. You can purchase a WordPress Editing Online E-Course for your knowledge level here >>
  2. You can hire us to show you exactly what to do. We would be happy to help you on any level, even if you need to learn how to copy and paste J If you are advanced and need to learn some HTML basics or advanced editing skills, we can help you do that too. Our standard rates of $75.00 per hour for live training are the same across the board no matter what your expertise level is.